Samaritan Village Orphanage

Saving Abandoned and Orphaned Children

Who We Are

Samaritan Village is a private, non-profit organization established and run by volunteers to develop, expand, and maintain a Christian orphanage in Arusha Tanzania, Africa, in order to care for abandoned and orphaned children in a safe and stable Christian home environment. In addition to its goal of reducing the number of abandoned and orphaned children and helping prevent the deaths of children in Tanzania, Samaritan Village also exists for the purpose of implementing the Great Commission of Jesus Christ—to go into all the world and preach the gospel.

Samaritan Village provides nutritious food, shelter, clothing, education, and medical care, as well as mental and spiritual care, for children whose parents have either died or abandoned them and who have no relatives responsible for their care.

Children are brought to Samaritan Village as infants, some just a few weeks old. Samaritan Village cares for the children, with the hope of finding a family to adopt them. Those who are not adopted continue to live at the orphanage. Samaritan Village has rescued more than 100 abandoned babies in Tanzania, of which seventy-three have been adopted by families around the world.

Born From a Tragic Need

Elizabeth Mwalozi, a native of Tanzania, is the founder of Samaritan Village. She was educated in Christian schools while growing up in Tanzania, and in 1964, she went to America to further her education and receive her BA degree from San Francisco State University in California. She later became a teacher.

While a high school student in Tanzania, Elizabeth helped care for infants brought to the school nursery. The number of babies was so overwhelming that the school could provide care for them only until the age of two or three. After that, the children had to be given back to relatives—relatives who themselves were poverty-stricken and near starvation. Tragically, most of the infants died soon after they left the school nursery, because the families were unable to provide adequate care. Elizabeth was a witness to this horror. Answering God’s call, she decided to do her utmost to establish a permanent orphanage in Tanzania.

Samaritan Village Begins

In the early 1990s, Elizabeth shared her story with a group of Christians in Yuba City, California. The response was immediate. Samaritan Village Orphanage was incorporated in the U.S. and in Tanzania in 1992 and began caring for children in 1996. Through God’s grace, Tanzanian children who have been abandoned or orphaned now have a place to call home.

Samaritan Village Today

Samaritan Village is growing, and its 24-hour staff cares for many children in a warm and loving permanent Christian residence. In addition to providing physical, mental, and spiritual care for the abandoned and orphaned children, Samaritan Village has its own chapel for daily worship, which serves not only their own children, but also many members of the community.

Samaritan Village’s Future

Samaritan Village continues to expand their work, currently doubling the size of their nursery and eventually the entire orphanage facility, in order to reach more children and meet the diverse needs of the surrounding community. They are also adding a medical clinic that will be staffed by visiting doctors and nurses. The clinic will be the only medical facility available to serve the health needs of not only their own children, but also the members of the surrounding community.


There are many children who are growing up at Samaritan Village Orphanage that still need sponsors. They need that family from “someplace in the world” that loves them and will make them a part of their family. If you’d like to be that person, or your family could be their family, you can read the stories of these children by clicking on the below link.

For Futher Information

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