All of Adventure’s available sermon messages are displayed below in descending chronological order. You can use the various “Filter by…” fields to display only those messages that: (i) are taught by a specific person; (ii) are part of a specific series; (iii) deal with a specific topic; or (iv) teach from a specific Bible book. (Topics have been assigned to only a few messages.) You can also Filter by Series or Speaker by clicking on a Series title or a Speaker’s name, respectively. When you Filter by Speaker, Series, Topic, or Book, those groups of messages will also display in descending chronological order.

To listen to a message and/or read a message’s outline, click on the message’s title. Hovering over any Scripture reference will display an English Standard Version of that Scripture’s text.

Many series still need to be added and will be soon. So, if you choose a series and no messages display, please check again later. And if you come across any errors while using this web page, please bring it to the attention of Lynne Bennett (

Sermon audio coming soon

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