Hello my friends!

We had an amazing “Be the Church Sunday” event, and I wanted to personally thank you all for participating in this opportunity. It was a day which we all poured sweat and maybe a little blood into the Kingdom of God. Pastor Greg has mentioned many times over the last couple of months that He loves being the Pastor of a generous church, and a singing church; I share his sentiment, and I want to add that I absolutely love being one of the pastors of a SERVING church! The Kingdom of God does not get much more complicated than this: that we love God (as we express only partially every Sunday by our giving and singing), and that we love our neighbors as ourselves (just as you all who served were exemplary witnesses to this day).

Thank you again for your patience through the chaos of it all, it was my first time not only organizing an event but especially an event this massive with so many moving parts and people to coordinate with. Like I mentioned this morning, all of the good things from today can be directly attributed to the work of Kathy Gregg, Creig and Caroline Marcus, Dan Crawford, and all the other amazing point people that helped coordinate these projects today. On the other hand, anything that was a little rough today was a symptom of my own growth process as a pastor. This is not an excuse, it is a promise: that I will learn, grow, and implement all that I’ve learned from this experience for next year’s Be the Church Sunday! It is always two weeks before Easter, so mark your Calendars for April 7 2019 🙂. Please feel the utmost freedom to email, call, or text me with any suggestions for a smoother event next year.

I cannot wait to worship with you all next weekend as we resume our regular weekend services to celebrate Palm Sunday.

Remember this: Jesus loves you, and I do too!

By His grace alone,

Jordan Moulton, Associate Pas